Movie Review: Escape Room (2019)

Source: Sony Pictures 

"Escape Room" was my first film of 2019 and my first horror film of the year. "Escape Room" was released on Jan. 4, 2019 and was directed by Adam Robitel. The cast included Taylor Russell, Deborah Ann Woll, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Nik Donai, and Tyler Labine. 

"Escape Room" is about a group of strangers who think they were invited by friends or family members to get out of their comfort zones and do this Escape Room in Chicago. While I don't want to give way anymore of the plot I will say that something is fishy going on. This isn't your normal game and no this isn't from the Saw Franchise either.

I found "Escape Room" to be an enjoyable film and that the acting was better than subpar. Taylor Russell as Zoey was the breakout star for me. I loved her character the minute she was on screen. I also thought that the chemistry between the actors was there. Tyler Labine was the funniest with his portrayal of Mike. I was surprised by the backstory given to each character too. I was also surprised at how detailed it was too.

There is no doubt that Escape Rooms are very hot right now, so it was only natural that someone made a film about them with "killer" results. Though I should make a comment that in 2017 there was a film called, "Escape Room" released. Anyway, haunted attractions, funhouses at amusement parks, etc have all been used as a background for horror films, so adding Escape Rooms for this generation makes sense. Will the film feel dated in 10 years? I don't think so, because it will still be a pretty intense film. I know that I was on the edge of my seat for a bit waiting to see what would happen to the six members.

So overall I would give "Escape Room" 4 out of 5 stars. It was a surprisingly interesting film with an overall great cast. I felt that this film from Adam Robitel was a lot better than his other films like "Insidious: The Last Key."


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